6-Month Fusion Video

We are super excited to begin to offer these stylized fusion videos with every baby plan membership! They are really fun to do, and it’s killing me that I didn’t do one for either of my babies…now 7 and 10. Skills are learned over time, and I am loving this one! Check out our example from the past session. Babies must be only sitting up for this to work, no crawlers or walkers at this point, but we might add that in later.  

Chubby Cheeked Newborn Girl Portrait Session

This little sweetheart was a terrific baby. She hardly cried, and after about 1.5 hours, she conked right out for us! After a few ‘accidents’ while being held, she was totally good to go, and we all had a lot of laughs. I am so used to this, and besides, it’s supposed to be 80% water at this age. Anyway, you can see how well she did for us. Her parents were so sweet and gentle with her (clearly where she got her temperament)