Porch-side Portraits!

I’m excited to offer these! I think this will be a lot of fun and give us both a feeling of social interaction while capturing this historic moment in history for you and/or your family. Details: This will be contact-free and will be shot in black and white, but color can be provided upon request. You’ll receive a minimum of 5 images and the cost is $50. The files will be delivered via digital download, and you will be able to view your entire gallery online, where you can share the gallery with friends and long-distance family. You may print your pictures wherever/whenever you choose, and I’m happy to guide you on the best ways to do that. It will work best if you simply come out your front door and just be you, no special outfits or preconception is needed…unless that is what you do! Anyone in your household may be included in the portraits. Let’s have some fun! Contact through my website or email me: kerry@earthdarlingportraits.comngportraits.com