I usually don’t like photos of myself, but I do like this one. I like it because I think I look kind of cool…which I’m not, I’m way too goofy. I tell silly jokes too much (kids will do that to you!), I’m a chronic victim of auto-correct, I sometimes snort when I laugh, and I’m stunningly uncoordinated. My hand-eye coordination is pretty great, but my legs and my brain have never communicated. I’m serious, I’ve knocked over entire tables before.

I am obsessed with my kids, the way that light settles into things, all of nature and animals, art, sugar, coffee, pasta, beautiful textures, music, and a little bit with my hair and fashion (I’ve had everything from a Mohawk to pink hair). The glass is either half full or completely kicked off into the gutter – who needs a glass anyway? Oh, and I love emojis.

My work:

I love to convey a mood with my imagery. I hate to pose people, unless completely necessary, which it rarely is. I look for the unpredictable, organic things that define us all. I adore color but am obsessed with the power of black and white. I love the drama and emotion of it. It’s like reading a good book, instead of watching the movie version of the same story. I believe black and white leaves room for the viewer to fill in the blanks, and to feel more engaged.