In Studio: A Bundled Session

Oh, how I loved this session. Not only was the mama totally gorgeous, but the whole family was so sweet, and came ready to get going. The mom had contacted me and was interested in getting a bundle of sessions. As it turns out they were long overdue, with their first baby being a very cute two-year-old and another one on the way, they’d simply gotten caught up with life and needed to catch up with their portrait collection. The mom had done a great job on her wardrobe and that of her family, and they looked amazing! Along with a few items I brought, we put together a stunningly seamless collection, and everybody was on board. Sweet baby girl was a complete dream to work with too. She was about as adorable as they get…and you can sure see that little peanut’s personality come through in this session. We got her shots first off since I knew she’d get restless and believe me I was right! Boy, that little girl can run! What a great morning. I can’t wait to meet the next addition!

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