Lessons Learned

Do you see that tiny little sprout growing? That is an idea beginning to take formation.

My clients often ask me advice, tips, or how-to questions during their sessions. I love helping other photography lovers, and sharing what I know and what I’ve learned is super fun for me. Photography is one of my favorite subjects, so I thought I’d begin a new venture with my blog and engage my readers by providing more of what you need and want.

You can expect weekly topics to shine into your inboxes on various sub-topics of photography. I will happily share what I’ve learned in my years of being a professional photographer, as well as what I learned before I became a professional 8 years ago! Feel free to leave a comment with any special requests for topics or questions you might have.

Posts will typically be released each Monday afternoon…I can hardly wait, I have a pretty significant list of topics to start with and I want to get going! I really hope you all enjoy what I have to say, but if you don’t, please be kind…my very silly ego is uber easy to crush, so let’s keep it constructive, K?

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