Thank You 2016!

  What an incredible year 2016 was! We left our irreplaceable clients on the East Coast, and traveled across the country to start anew. While it’s been a lesson in temperance, I am over the moon about living here in the Portland area, and have really enjoyed building new relationships with my clients. The compilation slideshow below, puts all my favorites together from the last year. There is lots of love here. It’s a beautiful life!

Album Love

  It has been a long wait, nearly two months, and I was starting to squirm.In my quest for a high-end album to offer my clients, I came across what seemed to be love at first sight…the IRIS book. Their online software worked smoothly, and was delightfully intuitive. The product materials were intriguing, and well, expensive. Wow. I had to try them out. I had to hold one of these quality books in my very own hands and see for myself what makes an album this fabulous, and additionally this pricey. I was skeptical to say the least, but felt…