Album Love


It has been a long wait, nearly two months, and I was starting to squirm.In my quest for a high-end album to offer my clients, I came across what seemed to be love at first sight…the IRIS book. Their online software worked smoothly, and was delightfully intuitive. The product materials were intriguing, and well, expensive. Wow. I had to try them out. I had to hold one of these quality books in my very own hands and see for myself what makes an album this fabulous, and additionally this pricey. I was skeptical to say the least, but felt it was worth the investment. After I ordered my book, I was strangely excited. Being an earth lover, their descriptions of the materials made me long to hold one these suckers! How could a book be this incredible?

Yesterday was the day. The unassuming cardboard box was sitting on my stoop, when I arrived home. I carefully opened my box. Oh my. Words cannot describe! First I noticed that my small book (6 x 7 inches) was heavy! Not to the extent I needed help, but this was something solid.

I am an enormous fan. I am now obsessed with these books! How luxurious they feel, and the imagery (which of course was my own) was printed with such tremendous quality. The marksmanship is unparalleled and not only worth every penny, but I know consider them a perfectly logical medium to hold cherished memories.

I can’t stop running my hands over the cover and pages. Just too lovely.

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