Rainy (?) Day Maternity Portraits

It’s not that I don’t love it when the weather doesn’t cooperate, it’s that most of my clients aren’t keen on doing their session in the rain or snow. Granted, if there is an arc inspiring deluge of water coming from the sky, I am not prepared to put my camera at risk, but if there is simply a drizzle threat, I am game!

This session theoretically happened on a rainy day. You see, ‘they’ said rain. I took lengths to prepare, including asking my client if she was up for a fun session in the rain. When she actually said, “yes”, I searched and ultimately borrowed red rain boots from another photographer I had never met. What an angel she was to support a stranger in this way! Then what happened? Well of course it did not rain. Murphy’s Law is in full attendance here at Earthdarling Portraits. Grrr…that didn’t stop us. Notice the ‘rain’ on the image with the umbrellas. I have my ways.

This gorgeous, young mom comes through my doors and I couldn’t wait to get started. She was up for anything pretty much, and the soon to be parents were both super sweet! We did some dreamy images in the studio with a makeshift bedroom, and then headed out to the Monticello Trail area to catch some organic sunny shots, and even fake a rainy day for one of them, so to use those boots I worked so hard to get ;-).

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