Little Moon

I’ve had such great mellow babies lately, I’m getting spoiled! She was a total breeze. My goal every session is to get mom, dad, and baby out of here as fast as possible, so they can get on with their day, and back to the calm, quiet of their home. That’s not to say we don’t take our time, in fact we take as long as it takes, with several stops along the way and plenty of time for cuddling, diapering, and snacking 😉 I’ve discovered in my seven years of photographing newborns, that less is actually more. The more often we pause, the more efficient our time shooting actually is. Tiny people should not have to handle too much time away from mom or dad’s arms, and vice versa! Newborn sessions last between 1.5-3 hours depending upon our boss, the baby, and that is just how it should be. Not this child though! Quiet as a mouse, and a super sleeper. Her nursery has a turquoise and peach theme, and there is also a special significance in turtles. Mom had brought along the little turtle shell, which a friend of hers had knit for the baby, and I was so happy it turned out. She had to settle into her new environment for a minute, but it was truly only a moment. A wiggle, a stretch, and a minute or two looking around, and she curled up quite nicely. We opted to not use the hat, which seemed a little bit too much for the shot, but I love how the shell turned out!

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