In-Home Portrait Session|Newborn Baby Boy and Big Sis

What a terrific session! Sometimes you can just tell when you speak to someone the first time, that you will mesh. That’s how I felt about this client. The mom was young, hip, and just super sweet. I love working with people like this, who wouldn’t?  They left me to creating, and everything was super smooth. It didn’t hurt that this little guy and his sister had some of the best temperments I’ve seen.

When I arrived at their in-home session, it was the first time I saw where I’d be shooting. It’s always this way for home sessions, and I enjoy the challenge. I’ve been pretty fortunate thus far, with only a handful of difficult lighting situation. That being said, those were when I first started out on my own with this business, and I’ve since learned to voice any lighting needs pretty clearly to the client when they are deciding between an in-home session and a studio session.

I’m starting to fall in love with these sessions! There is a much more tactile, and personal touch, a lot more freedom and variety, and everyone is much more relaxed. Although I do miss having my own studio, I am really enjoying NOT having that overhead, and getting out and about more. Sure keeps my creative juices flowing!


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