Shel Silverstein’s ‘Homework Machine’

My Homework Machine, Ode to Shel Silverstein – July, 2015-May 2016

This is a photograph emulating a poem by Shel Silverstein’s, ‘Homework Machine’. I created this for my kids, avid fans of Mr. Silverstein. It took a year to get it all together, but it was worth it to give them this memory of how once when they were little, they were part of one of their favorite author’s creations.

We are fond of our books. Some books hold a special place in our hearts as we remember reading them as children, and others are newer books we joyously devour. Bedtime at our house consists of a ritualistic reading from our ever growing list of favorites. How about you and your crop of little people? Did you ever think of how much fun it would be to literally (pun intended) jump into one of your favorite books, or for your children to jump into one of theirs? We have, and the result is a very special offering to anyone who likes to play pretend. Does your child have a favorite book, that has held a place in their heart? Have they ever wished to be part of it? My little ones did and this was the book they chose, and the poem within! Homework Machine, a poem from ‘A Light in the Attic’, by Shel Silverstein. If you are not familiar with Mr. Silverstein’s works, you most likely were not a child of the 70/80’s like myself. You definitely need to know this poet of poets, a wonderful author who was exceptionally gifted at engaging children into his wacky world of meter, and aesthetic rhythm, where a long-haired boy could fly and if you weren’t careful the “Googies” might catch you.

Once upon a time, when they were very little, they loved a story so much…

The original Shel Silverstein poem, ‘Homework Machine


My ode to Shel Silverstein’s ‘Homework Machine’


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  1. Eli Wasinger

    Math whizz.


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