Family Portrait Session – Portland, OR

It was a beautiful Portland winter day (meaning there was actually a bit of sunshine), and I had the pleasure of working with this super sweet family of three. As soon as I met them, I immediately like them. Super friendly, and all three were gorgeous…I couldn’t wait to get started. The little guy was so expressive, the curls, and oh what a face! After making sure he was happy and well fed, we got started. We ended up going over our original time frame for the mini session, but they were so nice, and there were ample options for imagery, I didn’t mind. As a matter of fact, I usually don’t mind. Most families do take a little while, since kids add the element of surprise. The house was small but modern and super tidy. I’m guessing this was for our purposes, but I was impressed none-the-less since there is a little man in the house, and a dog!

It is so important to make sure things look the best for your sessions. A week before the session, I forwarded some information about what to wear. After meeting them, I doubt they needed my help, but it never hurts even to reinforce for people that they are leaning the right way on their outfit coordination. I love that the dog was the pop of Christmas color they chose, doesn’t it look great? Needless to say, everything came together like a dream.


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