Portland Here We Come 

I’m a child of the West Coast, and to that coast I finally return. Earthdarling Portraits is relocating! Although I have not yet chosen my studio location, and will be saying goodbye to my glorious 1,400 square foot blessing of a space, I am SO excited to start this page in my family’s life. My children are still young, and my husband and I are looking forward to showing them what it’s like in the ‘other’ neck of the woods…the one that is home to so many childhood memories, and friends we still love.

This journey to return was set in motion over a year ago, and with so much to do (a house to sell, a studio to run, two kids under ten, and two dogs), I can’t believe the moment is finally upon us!. We will be renting in Lake Oswego until we figure out which area of Portland we’d like to buy our next home. This is a time of reconnecting and discovery!

Goodbye sweet, blessing of a studio:


Hello to our future, and the future studio of Earthdarling Portraits, LLC. (I will insert a photo of my new studio here, as soon as I have one chosen).

For now I’ll be working out of my home, and getting to know all the wonderfulness of Portland, and Lake Oswego, Oregon, and jumping directly back into photo sessions.

See you soon! Connect with me through this website, or by phone: 503.734.8772.


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