“Kerry’s photographs are immediately recognizable for their other-worldly light and stop-you-in-your-tracks beauty.. Her artistic eye sees not only through the lens, but into the souls of her subjects. The result: stunning family heirlooms.”

2012, Whitney Morrill, Charlottesville

Most Recent:

“I’m thankful for you today and all that you have done for G…. boosting her confidence and making her feel beautiful inside and out!
Have a wonderful time with your family!!
Thank you again for the last photo shoot!awesome pictures!”

~2015, Julie, Somerset VA, on Thanksgiving Day 2015

“We loved the photos and the experience – thank YOU!”

2015, Josh, Charlottesville, VA, regarding the boutique newborn session

“Hi Kerry I’m so happy with the pictures I wish I could buy them all. I’ll have to send you a Christmas card— it is perfect. Thanks again”

~2015, Lou, Charlottesville, VA, regarding the Santa Sessions

“Thank YOU! You are extremely talented! I’ll be passing on your info to everyone I know.”
Thanks Kerry!

~2015, Meredith, Charlottesville, VA, regarding head shots

From the Archives:

“Kerry is a magnificent photographer with a keen eye for unique non-posed photos that really capture the essence of the child or children.  She was tremendously professional and a joy to work with, and the lighting she and her husband arranged was exceptional, even poetic!!

We hired her to photograph C…… when she was out in Los Angeles, and Cassidy loved every minute of the photoshoot.  This husband and wife team both have such a wonderful way with children and immediately put Cassidy at ease.  The result — the best photos we have ever seen!  Truly, even if you don’t know our little girl, you’d stop and pause at the photos we had her company enlarge and posted right by the front door.  They are truly museum quality: engaging, eccletic, charming and inviting.  Just what we wanted.

We can’t wait to hire Earthdarling Portraits next year, and look forward to adding to our wonderful shots.”

~2010, Catherine, Marina Del Rey, CA

“Kerry is an extremely talented photographer. She really has an artistic eye and it shows in her pictures. Even with grumpy and squirmy kids, she manages to get amazing shots.We’ve hired other photographers who claimed that lighting doesn’t matter and that you can fix any issues in the studio. Those pictures ended up looking flat. Kerry uses light and creates magic. We will definitely use her again!”

~2011, Karen, Charlottesville, VA

“Kerry handled the Charlottesville Waldorf School’s student and class portraits last year, and the results were phenomenal. Her ability to capture each of the children was exceptional; she was also able to take almost 200 portraits in a little over an hour. I highly recommend Kerry to photograph and document your most precious memories.”

~2012, Amanda Tipton, Charlottesville

“Kerry is an amazing photographer. She is always patient and willing to take the time it needs to get a great shot (which is essential when working with my children). She is a pleasure to work with and I recommend her to my friends whenever I get the chance. Her photos are beautiful and people compliment her work often!”

2012, Jessica, Charlottesville

“Kerry’s photography work is magical. Her skill and creativity in capturing images of our children is outstanding. We will definitely hire Kerry again for family photos.”

2012, Joseph, Charlottesville

“I can choose no fewer than 25 of these images. They are beautiful. My mom cried, she is so happy with the pictures of her and A…. I am so thrilled! Thank you.”

~2015, Dawn, Charlottesville, VA, regarding her Fall Mini Sessions 2015