Tweens and Teens

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Sessions can be done anywhere you like, including my studio. I have an extensive list of beautiful, and fun places to do these sessions. If it’s cold, we can do the session either in my studio, your home, or choose a location from my smaller list of indoor gems. I love to do sessions based on your particular child’s interests, and I’m for it all (except skydiving…I’m not up for that ;-).

WHAT TO WEAR: Involve your child or teen in the decision on what to wear. Let them wear their favorites, but keep in mind which location we are going to be doing the session at. You don’t want your teen wearing heels out in the forest…or maybe you do! Just remember to let them be themselves; after all, this is how you want to remember them.

*Colors: the only colors I ask people to steer away from are green and bright white; however, off-white works well.

senior portrait photographer, quinceanera, tween and teens in Portland and Lake Oswego, OR

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