Newborn Photography

Newborn photographer Portland



Newborn: On average, newborn sessions last about 2 hours, but you should block out 3 hours of your day to be safe. These are low stress; there is plenty of time for feedings, diaper changes, and cuddling. Your comfort and the comfort of your baby is the most important thing on this day! There is a playroom for older siblings, a bathroom, cold water, and coffee at my studio. Booking your session, you will pay the session fee in advance, which assures you that when you have your baby and contact me, I get your right onto my schedule. These sessions can be done at your residence around the Portland area, or at my studio. I recommend doing the sessions between 5-10 days after the baby is born. Babies are sleepiest during this time, and this can make the session go a bit smoother. You’ll be tired and possibly sore, so it’s my goal to make this very relaxed and get the job done as quickly as possible so you can get on your way, and rest.

WHAT TO WEAR: Babies look best in their brand new birthday suit, and it also helps to keep things simple and organic. I have blankets, headbands, knit hats, baskets, etc. at my studio, and if you are choosing to do this at your home I will bring a few of these items along with me.  Any adults who wish to be in photographs with the little guy or girl are asked to dress in solid, muted, but not faded, colors that coordinate with one another. This helps us to keep the attention on the tiniest one in the portraits. Siblings should dress similarly.

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