Little Ones and Babies

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Babies and Little Ones: I love, love, love these sessions! They keep me on my toes, and make me laugh…a lot! These children are so beautiful, and usually not really aware of the camera. Once they are, I help them forget, and I love just following them around and letting them guide us by how they want to explore things. If it’s warm, we meet outdoors. I have an extensive list of magical places to do these sessions. If it’s cold, we can do the session either in my studio, your home, or choose a location off my smaller list of indoor gems. I do recommend not bringing too many people along with you, unless they are told by you to not try to get the baby’s attention. Can you imagine sitting somewhere and everyone you love is calling your name at the same time and trying to get you to look at them, and smile? MELTDOWN TIME!

WHAT TO WEAR: If you have a toddler, involve them in the decision on what to wear! Choose two of your own favorites for them to pick from, then let them pick one completely on their own. I remember the ridiculous outfits that my kids put together, and looking back those are the images that make me smile the most. My son HAD TO wear snow boots in July. It was 110, no kidding, but he looked so darn cute with no shirt, a sun hat, shorts, and his snow boots. Best. Picture. Ever.

*Colors: the only colors I ask people to steer away from are green and bright white; however, off-white works well.

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